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Let me help you find joy with lettering & calligraphy​

Come along and learn with me!


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From basic letter construction to different alphabet styles to boost your confidence and skills, while targeting your muscle memory with intentional practice. Learn from the basic strokes up to how to write full letters and words.


Beginner Style Workbook


This alphabet style is specially designed to help you understand how letters are constructed and will guide you from basic strokes to word construction, one step at a time.


Yolanda Style Workbook


This cute style is perfect for beginners and intermediates as it adds a little flourishes especially in the uppercase letters, it shows very contrasting thick and thin lines.


Nicole Style Workbook


This alphabet is very stylish, with a steeper slant and several alternate letters to empower your creativity. It is perfect to add to your letter portfolio.

washi tape

Why use Workbooks to learn?


They help build your muscle memory

When doing calligraphy one of the most important aspects to get consistent letters is to train your muscle memory. This way, when we write letters we will know exactly where to start our strokes and how to build better letters.


They show where the thickness goes

Consistency and legibility are essential when writing. And letters just don’t look like themselves when we place the thickness of the strokes in the wrong places. My workbooks will show you exactly how to construct the strokes that make each letter, where to start, when to apply pressure and where to stop. So you can create them correctly and legibly.


They help you learn new styles

After we master the basic strokes and the basic alphabet, my style workbooks will teach you exactly how to achieve beautiful and different styles of alphabets.

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Procreate Brushes

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Getting crisp thick and thin lines and beautiful texture is no longer a challenge using the exact same brushes I use as a full time Lettering Artist.

joyful brushes pack

The Joyful Procreate Brush Bundle

21+ handcrafted brushes to supercharge your use of the Procreate app to create letters in your iPad.

REG $32.99 | $17.99

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brush calligraphy for beginners



COMING SOON! A full beginner class that will guide you from the very basics, and will help you build your confidence as you practice along with me and create beautiful letters.


A complete solution with all you need

With more than 8 hours of instruction videos, and 80+ pages of workbooks, you will be set for creative success. Access the course on any device!


Learn at your own pace, anywhere!

I know how busy you are! That’s why I designed this course so you can go through it at your own pace, with lifetime access to all the materials.


Apply as you are learning

Each module builds on itself so by the end of the course, you will not only be able to create full calligraphy pieces, but you will also gain confidence!

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joy kelley
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My name is Joy Kelley and my goal is to remove the stigma that beautiful writing has, because I believe that it is not an art only for those born with creative gifts.

Creating beautiful letters with your hands is something that anyone with dedication and patience can learn.

I want to help you in your learning with fun projects and materials, so that you can relax and enjoy learning easily, while also seeing results faster.

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