What about $12 OFF the beginner style workbook?

This workbook is the fundamental tool to learn all the basics and start creating letters and words in brush calligraphy and it includes a mini video course BONUS!

ONLY $17.99 | REG: $29.99  

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As a thank you for ordering the Procreate Brush Pack, we are offering you this special discount that will only be available right now.

What’s special about the Beginner Style Workbook?

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I designed the Beginner Style Workbook with beginners in mind so that together we can build the best foundation for you can see progress faster and with less frustration.

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The Beginner Style Workbook also includes a bonus mini video course, so you can see instruction on how to complete each page.

What’s inside the beginner workbook?

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The beginner workbook has over XXXXXXX pages of worksheets plus the bonus guided videos, this workbook is the best beginner investment.

I also have a special section where I teach you how to use it with the iPad so you can make the best out of your new brushes.

You will also have access to the material showing you the best ways to get started analogically with a brush pen, so you can see progress and start practicing no matter the tool you have to create letters.

The workbook includes:

  • XX pages of instructions
  • XX pages of lowercase pages
  • XX pages of uppercase letters
  • XX pages with both lowercase and uppercase letters
  • XX pages with double letter combinations
  • XX pages with positive word practice

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Prices are in USA dollars, all files and workbooks are digital downloads. You will have instant access to everything. Because of this all orders are final and non-refundable.